More options to buy and load PRESTO cards

List of places to buy & load PRESTO cards keeps growing with more retail stores.

Jul 26, 2018

Paying for your ride on transit is now becoming faster and easier than it already was. The list of places to buy and load PRESTO cards keeps growing with more retail stores and vending machine locations.

The electronic payment system now has services available at more than two-thirds of all Shoppers Drug Mart locations in the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA) and Ottawa. That means PRESTO can be found at 281 stores to date, with the rollout expected to be complete in October 2018. In Ottawa and Hamilton, PRESTO services will also be available at some other Loblaw banner stores.

In Toronto, some big improvements for customers have also been rolled out with the delivery of new PRESTO fare vending machines to every TTC subway station. They can be used to check account balances and load funds just like the Self-Serve Reload Machines. Best of all, they can be used to buy cards and load passes.

The initial rollout of 139 of these shiny new machines across the TTC was recently completed, with at least one up and running at every TTC station. By November 2018, there will be a total of 245 across the Toronto subway system. All existing Self-Serve Reload Machines on the TTC have also been replaced with new and improved ones, with more being added in the months ahead.

This means that there are now more than 400 options for buying and loading PRESTO cards, in addition to the existing network.