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More Kitchener GO Train service coming in 2019

The GO Expansion program lays the tracks for two-way, all-day service in Kitchener & Brampton.

Dec 17, 2018

The days will soon move along quicker.

At least for customers travelling between Kitchener and Toronto. They can look forward to new weekday GO Transit rail service options in the New Year.

Starting on Jan. 7, a new morning train run will be available and there will be extended evening service for the commute home on weekdays.

The official announcement was made today (Dec. 17) during an event in Kitchener, Ont., and comes on the heels of an announcement made about weekday GO Train service to the Niagara Region last week.

The changes to the Kitchener line means there will be a new 5:40 a.m. train leaving Kitchener GO and making its way to Guelph and Acton before making all stop to Union Station.

In the evening, the 5:02 p.m. train out of Union Station will now continue all the way to Kitchener GO station, making stops in Georgetown, Acton and Guelph GO stations.

Commuters will also benefit from an additional morning trip option from Georgetown, Brampton and Mount Pleasant GO stations, and a new afternoon trip from Union Station to Bloor, Weston, Etobicoke North and Malton GO stations.

“We’re very excited to push our GO expansion program forward with new GO train service for commuters in Kitchener and Brampton this January,” said Phil Verster, president and CEO of Metrolinx.  “More service means more freedom and more relief from congested roadways.

“This is the start of more great things to come for our customers on the Kitchener line.”

The new service changes are the result of a stronger working relationship between Metrolinx and CN Rail, which owns part of the 101 kilometres of track between Union Station and Kitchener.

According to Verster, Metrolinx was able to avoid the need for a costly freight by-pass on the Kitchener corridor, allowing for steadily increased service between Toronto and Kitchener until full two-way, all-day service is delivered.

“This service is proof of the great things that can happen when you work collaboratively with your partners,” said Metrolinx, chief planning and development officer, Leslie Woo. “This incremental service expansion is a symbol of our renewed drive to grow mass transit and do things differently.”

The new changes mean service to Kitchener GO has now increased by 25 per cent and, according to Verster, this is just the beginning with more exciting news to come in the future.

by Nitish Bissonauth Metrolinx bilingual editorial content advisor