Metrolinx launches naming contests for tunnel boring machines

Metrolinx News update - August 2016

Update on Milton Line service, Crosstown work, and more.

Sep 1, 2016

The Crosstown team outdid themselves in August.

Among other milestones, they completed tunneling the 10-km underground portion of the 19-km LRT project.

We want to extend our thanks to the tunnel boring machines (Dennis, Lea, Don, and Humber) for their perseverance through some hard situations.

Above ground, construction is already underway on several stations. In fact, the site at Mount Dennis required that we temporarily move a building out of the way first.

The former Kodak building was lifted by hydraulics onto steel girders and transported about 200 feet so that crews could begin on the underground work for the station. The 77-year-old building will eventually be moved back and become part of the future station above ground.

We announced funding ($10 million) toward the planning, engineering and design work for another segment of the Durham Region Transit Pulse service.

Work will soon begin on the Dufferin bridge in Toronto. Bridge work is required to add track, which is necessary to increase GO service significantly, which is our plan as part of the Regional Express Rail plan. The bridge work will also facilitate an extension of the West Toronto Railpath.

Next week, we continue our steady pace of increasing and expanding GO service.  Milton line customers are getting two more train trips every weekday, and we’re doubling train service to Kitchener while dramatically increasing bus service between Kitchener and Brampton. Speaking of more bus service, we’ll be introducing GO bus service into Cambridge and Brantford, too.

In case you missed it, our Regional Transportation Plan is undergoing a review/update process. When Metrolinx was created in 2006, we scheduled this review to ensure that our work continues to reflect the transportation priorities of the region. We recently published a discussion paper summarizing the review’s findings, and we want to know what you think about it. Visit to share your feedback.

We were notified of a scam involving the unauthorized selling of PRESTO cards. It’s important to remember to buy PRESTO cards only from official channels, and to protect your balance by registering your card and reporting missing cards.