Mobile vaccine clinics expansion

Metrolinx expands fleet of mobile COVID vaccine clinics

The GO-VAXX program has been so successful, the fleet recently expanded again.

Feb 23, 2022

Metrolinx is adding to its fleet of green GO mobile vaccine buses to help push back against the spread of COVID-19.

The popular mobile clinics – known as GO-VAXX buses – are retrofitted GO Transit buses and there are now eight of them on the road. The teams have provided more than 45,000 first, second and booster doses to children and adults right across Ontario.

Mobile vaccine clinics expansion

A crowd gathers around a COVID VAXX bus on Family Day in Toronto. (Anne Marie Aikins photo)

The GO-VAXX buses, operated by Metrolinx staff, travel all over the province loaded with trained medical staff that can deliver about 250 to 300 COVID-19 vaccine doses per day. The mobile clinics make it easier for many people to get their first, second, third or child doses.

The fully accessible buses help bring vaccines to rural areas and other hard to reach communities that might not have nearby clinics.  They also go to high-profile locations – such as Nathan Phillips Square on the recent Family Day – where groups of people have easy access to the vaccine.

At the city hall location, medical staff administered 215 doses with almost 85 percent as booster doses and sometimes to whole families, including grandparents, parents and children. 

Limited walk-ins are available, or the public can book an appointment. To learn more about the GO-VAXX program, click here.

by Anne Marie Aikins Chief spokesperson