Mimico GO Station to be transformed as part of Metrolinx and Vandyk Properties signed agreement

Metrolinx and Vandyk Properties sign agreement, Mimico GO a focus

New station & more coming to Mimico GO through TOC program and Vandyk Properties.

Apr 13, 2022

Metrolinx and Vandyk Properties have signed a binding agreement to move forward with delivering and constructing a new transit-oriented community at the new Mimico GO Station.

This partnership will better integrate, the transit station into the surrounding community to support the growing area of south Etobicoke. 

The current Mimico GO Station is in need of improvements – from station access to parking – to support the growing ridership and expected growth in the community.

Mimico GO Station was built in 1967, the year GO Transit launched. The station, located on the Lakeshore West Line is a critical transit point for residents of south Etobicoke, serving around 1,600 riders daily in 2019. By 2031, ridership is expected to triple.

Mimico GO Station to be transformed as part of Metrolinx and Vandyk Properties signed agreement

A transformed Mimico GO Station is good news for south Etobicoke residents. (Vandyk image)

“This is an exciting and important step forward for Metrolinx and the wider community. This partnership will transform Mimico GO Station into a modern, integrated transit station for the community,” said Phil Verster, President and CEO of Metrolinx.

“It is one more joint success where transit, city planning, and property development are integrated – this will ensure that more people are able to rely on transit to get them where they need to go, better and faster”.

What changes are coming to Mimico GO Station?

Metrolinx and Vandyk Properties have signed an amended agreement to deliver a new transit station.

Station improvements will include:

  • 2 station access points on the north side of the station
  • 300 underground, dedicated GO parking spaces
  • 96 spaces for bicycle storage, including secured and covered bike parking
  • An integrated transit plaza with pick-up and drop-off facilities
  • A greenway path for pedestrians and cyclists to access the station

The transit-oriented community at Mimico GO Station will also build more housing, including affordable housing options.

rendering of people walking around new mimico GO

When it’s done, Mimico GO will be more accessible and pedestrian friendly. (Vandyk image)

This is a big win for the Mimico community, the City of Toronto and the Province of Ontario,” said John Vandyk, President & CEO of Vandyk Properties.

“We are proud to be a partner in transit-oriented communities and the opportunity to help shape our city for coming generations.”

In 2019, Metrolinx signed an agreement with Vandyk Properties to construct and integrate improvements into their planned mixed-use development adjacent to the station, in exchange for Metrolinx transferring rights to develop above the station.  

Since 2019, Vandyk Properties have acquired additional land around the station area, which presented an opportunity for additional station improvements to be constructed on Metrolinx’s behalf. 

The new Mimico GO Station will be supported by increased service along the Lakeshore West Line. Metrolinx’s GO Expansion program is delivering more GO service across the network, including trains every 15 minutes or better on the Lakeshore West Line.

These changes in and around the Mimico GO Station area will provide more people with the opportunity to live and work near transit and benefit from all-day two-way service.

Metrolinx will retain control over important details of the project like station design and construction standards. A construction timeline for the station improvements under the agreement with Vandyk Properties is still to be determined. Metrolinx will provide an update when there is more information to share.

rendering of people walking around new mimico GO

Mimico GO is being transformed as part of the Transit Oriented Communities program. (Vandyk image)

What is a transit-oriented community?

The revamp of Mimico GO Station is being delivered through the Province’s Transit Oriented Communities (TOC) program.

This approach, will help, aims to build vibrant, complete communities that are next to or within a short walk of transit stations and stops.

This approach will help increase transit ridership, reduce traffic congestion, and improve the quality of peoples’ lives.

TOCs will place more jobs and housing at and around transit, while leveraging third-party investment to build transit infrastructure.  

An improved customer experience at Mimico GO Station is on the way.

by Lauren Rodgers Metrolinx communications senior advisor