LRT fun during March Break

Metrolinx rapid transit project teams held events in Mississauga, Hamilton and Toronto.

Mar 16, 2018

There’s something about trains that make a child’s eyes light up whenever there’s a chance to play with one. Whether it’s a small toy, cardboard cut-out or full size light rail vehicle (LRV), it transforms into an imaginary world.

Kids had the chance to take that ride of their dreams at events in Toronto, Hamilton and Mississauga during March Break. Our rapid transit project teams invited families to take part in a variety of activities during the week away from school.

A real-life Eglinton Crosstown experience happened at the Ontario Science Centre with a model LRV for young people to board and look around.

Children visiting libraries in the Finch West neighbourhoods were excited to have the chance to colour and make their own trains to take home

The Hamilton selfie stand proved to be a big hit for those that wanted to take pictures and get more information about transit to come.

There were lots of giveaways along Hurontario as well, including pens and postcards, along with the paper trains. Plus the fun of finding themselves on the route map!

All in all, the chance to discover what the future of transit looks and feels like proved to be fun for everyone. It was the land of make-believe brought to life before actually becoming a reality very soon.