French announcements provide GO Transit customers a sense of respect and inclusion

Lower fares make GO better option for GTA transit riders

Metrolinx CEO: major progress on fare integration is a game changer.

Apr 5, 2018

Metrolinx CEO Phil Verster is thrilled about the significant progress being made in the quest to make transit across the GTHA more seamless, and at the same time making GO Transit more valuable at the local level.

“Today’s announcement is great news because it’s the start of changing how people make decisions to travel, and by lowering fares in the Toronto area we will attract so many new riders,” Verster said. “Over time we’ll build up the ridership we need for GO Expansion. It’s a great time for us!”

In case you missed it, there were was some massive news that came out of last week’s provincial budget. GO Transit’s base fare will be cut to $3 in the City of Toronto for customers using their PRESTO card. On top of that, all PRESTO customers travelling between GO stops and stations less than 10km apart will only pay $3.

On top of reduced GO fares for short trips, customers in the 905-area would also get a new discounted fare. A new discounted double fare between the TTC and transit systems in the 905 region (MiWay, Brampton Transit, YRT, and Durham Transit), means a discount of up to $1.50 on the current TTC-905 double fare when commuters use their PRESTO card to make a combined journey.

“This is exciting news for our customers,” Verster said. “People just want an easy and affordable way to get around and at the end of the day, transit riders don’t care about municipal borders.”

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Verster says the recent progress on fare integration is crucial to changing the way people think about transit.

“This is great news because it allows people, anywhere on the GO network, to think about traveling short distances between stations, which is the philosophy that we want. It’s not just traveling in and out of Toronto as a commuter on a daily basis, we will actually become a much more effective local transit provider, which is very exciting,” he said.

PRESTO card users travelling on GO Transit between Union Station and stations near Toronto, such as Port Credit, Malton, Pickering, Ajax or Markham will also see fare reductions.