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Large customer turnout for Niagara GO Train kick-off weekend

Metrolinx says there was an influx of customers on the first weekend of Niagara GO Train service.

Aug 5, 2020

You apparently really want to get moving again. 

After being suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, weekend Niagara GO train service is back and even more popular than before.

In fact, Metrolinx says more than 1,200 people jumped on the new GO service on Saturday (Aug 1) alone.  Total ridership numbers for the weekend haven’t been finalized yet, but the transit agency says initial results are promising.

Metrolinx officials say they were closely monitoring ridership over the weekend and because of the big turnout, jumped into action and quickly increased the length of all Niagara GO trains.

By Monday (Aug 3), train trips went from six-cars long (with bike coaches) to eight-cars long (with bike coaches) – giving customers more room to spread out. Metrolinx says the eight-car trains will remain in place going forward as the service continues to increase in popularity.

Inside of a Specialized bicycle train car full of bikes

Specialized bicycle train cars are one of the main draws for GO customers heading to Niagara Falls (Metrolinx photo)

This past weekend Metrolinx also added on an extra train back to Toronto on Saturday evening on top of bringing in additional GO buses throughout the weekend to help get people on their way smoothly.

Face coverings are essential

As the warm summer weather continues to inspire people to jump on transit and explore destinations like Niagara Falls, Metrolinx is reminding GO customers to wear face coverings at all times.

Face coverings are now mandatory on all GO Transit and UP Express services.

customers in masks

Go Transit customer S. Thiru, aboard a GO train. (Lorne Bridgman photo)

This past weekend, Metrolinx says they observed many customers taking their face coverings off once they boarded the train or as they sat with friends and family. The transit agency says it’s essential to keep your non-medical face mask on even when sitting with a group of people you know, as that’s the best way to keep everyone safe.

From face coverings to enhanced cleaning measures, safety is a partnership. With everyone doing their part and having patience, transit users can get to where they’re going – and back again – safely.

At Metrolinx, safety never stops – including keeping that non-medical face mask in place.

You can read more about the new safety measures introduced by Metrolinx in their handy customer walkthrough guide here.

by Scott Money Metrolinx editorial content manager