You just never know who you might meet on your commute home. Read about love on the GO

How a love connection was made on a GO train

You just never know who you might meet on your commute home. Read about love on the GO.

Jun 17, 2021

For some, a GO station is the beginning of a journey, for others it’s the beginning of a love story.

Emily and Jordan were working in downtown Toronto. They spotted each other a few times while taking the same train home on the Kitchener Line.

“I texted my sister saying, ‘there’s a cute guy sitting across from me on the train, should I say something?’” said Emily, who remembers her sister instructing her to play it cool and go for it.

We know you’d want to see their faces for this feature, so this photo-shoot was arranged, away from customers and staff and adhering to important COVID safety measures. This would be a good time to remind all customers to wear their masks on platform and inside GO vehicles.

The couple walk beside a GO train

Picture perfect – Emily and Jordan met five years ago when they were commuting between Mount Pleasant GO and Union Station. They recently decided to take their engagement photos at Burlington GO, which is now the nearest station to their home and the perfect backdrop to their love story. These images were staged while adhering to COVID safety measures. (Isabella Villani Photography Photo)

Emily got up from her seat, leaned over to Jordan and asked about his suit, as her brother was getting married at the time and was shopping around for one.

She thought it would be a good icebreaker, but the conversation didn’t last long. Jordan replied with a one-word answer: ‘Moores.’

Emily went on her way and got off the train, thinking that was it.

“As I was exiting Mount Pleasant GO Station, I felt a tap on my shoulder, and to my surprise, it was the cute guy from the train,” she said. “He introduced himself, we chatted for a couple of minutes, and exchanged phone numbers.”

Fast forward to today and the pair have been lovers and commuters for five years. They credit GO transit for bringing them together and helping their relationship develop.

“Not only did we meet on the GO train, we got to know one another very well on our 45-minute commute home each afternoon,” says Emily.

“It was almost like having our first few dates on the GO train. We were able to take the time to ask each other questions, and really get to know each other.”

They’re not the only ones to have found love on the GO.

Earlier this year, we brought you the story of one couple who met on a bus and another who decided to have their wedding photos at Union Station.

While each love story is unique, commuting seems to be a great way to find love – Who needs Hinge when there’s GO Transit?

Emily and Jordan are getting married on October 9. They’re still ironing out the details which could include some transit-themed details like tables with station names. The bridesmaids’ dresses will be dark green – a nod to the transit agency that helped bring the couple together. Interested in reading about another relationship born on the GO? We’d love to show you this one:

Love on the GO: How one Toronto-area couple connected on the bus

by Nitish Bissonauth Metrolinx bilingual editorial content advisor