Mount Pleasant Crosstown LRT Station

Heritage façade restoration complete at Mount Pleasant Station

The front entrance for this Eglinton Crosstown station restores the original Imperial Bank design.

Aug 15, 2022

The classic Imperial Bank building exterior is now back at Mount Pleasant Station in all its glory.

The face of this building, called a “heritage façade,” is an important part of the architecture for this structure. It also plays a big role in conserving Toronto’s history. So, Metrolinx ensured that this heritage façade persisted through the construction.

Last month, the station – and the Eglinton Crosstown light rail transit (LRT) project as a whole – reached a milestone: the heritage façade is now 100 per cent complete.

Check out the before and after photos below.

Mount Pleasant Crosstown LRT Station

Heritage façade before construction. (Metrolinx photo)

Mount Pleasant Crosstown LRT Station

Heritage façade after construction. (Metrolinx photo)

As seen in the photos above, the building appears almost identical before and after construction. But let’s rewind for a minute – how did crews do this?

Well, for almost 90 years, the former Imperial Bank building façade stood on the corner of Mount Pleasant Road and Eglinton Avenue East. But then, to prepare for Mount Pleasant Station construction, crews took the building down in 2016.

During construction, crews carefully labelled, catalogued and stored all the façade’s bricks in an off-site facility. And when the team built the main entrance to Mount Pleasant Station, they used the exact same bricks to construct the façade.

Mount Pleasant Crosstown LRT Station

This means that, after construction, the façade now stands precisely as it had before.

This marks a step in the progression of the Eglinton Crosstown project – and a big milestone for Mount Pleasant Station.

The next step for this station is to continue testing and commissioning station equipment. Then, road restoration and landscaping works are to follow.

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by Abby Zinman Metrolinx editorial co-op student