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GO Expansion will increase service to Lakeshore East Line

Major work in section of Lakeshore East Rail Corridor Expansion project complete.

Nov 22, 2023

Major construction between Wolcott Avenue and Kennedy Road for the Lakeshore East Rail Corridor Expansion project is complete.

This work is important because it allows for the addition of a fourth track and supports GO Expansion for faster and more efficient service in the future. This means customers will have more flexibility with GO Train service, knowing the next one is on its way shortly.

GO Expansion will offer more frequent service during middays, evenings, and weekends – giving customers more opportunities to connect to jobs, events and important daily activities that matter the most.

Lakeshore East GO Expansion progress

Large pieces of cement, known as coping, complete the top of the retaining wall. Metal fencing is installed on top of the wall. (Metrolinx photo)

Corridor improvements

The 1.8 km section of tracks is lower than ground level, allowing trains to safely pass under streets, sidewalks, and bridges. To widen the rail corridor, crews built a retaining wall to keep the adjacent earth and soil away from current and future tracks.

To complete the permanent structure, pre-cast concrete panels were installed along the side of the retaining wall. The top of the wall was finished with metal fencing and large pieces of cement known as coping.

The area between the existing track and retaining wall needed to be prepared to support the next project within the GO Expansion program, which will bring faster, more frequent, electrified service to the Lakeshore East GO Line.

Lakeshore East GO Expansion progress

Looking west of Birchmount Road: the retaining wall and grading for an even surface is complete in this section. (Metrolinx photo)

GO Expansion progress

These upgrades are part of the larger GO Expansion program, which will benefit transit users and the community today and for decades to come.

With $11 billion worth of work currently underway to add more stations, more track, and enhance customer experience across the network, customers will benefit from more frequent service.

Ongoing construction updates

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by Teresa Ko Metrolinx communications senior advisor