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GO Expansion progresses along the Barrie Line

Construction continues along Barrie Line. Here’s the latest updates from along the line.

Sep 27, 2022

The Barrie GO Line is undergoing big changes.

Over the next 10 years, Metrolinx’s GO Expansion program will deliver more frequent, all-day, two-way service to the region. 

This means, as GO Expansion progress continues along the Barrie Line, Metrolinx is closer to offering all-day train service in both directions, as well as access to local transit connections, giving customers more flexibility to get to where they need to go.

Here are the latest progress updates and photos:

Maple GO

Improvements are underway at Maple GO Station in Vaughan.

The upgrades will make it easier for customers to access the station by foot, transit or by car.

As well, adding a second track from Rutherford Road to McNaughton Side Road will enable Maple GO to support future all-day, train service in both directions.

Crews are currently building the new pedestrian stair tower building as well as a retaining wall at Eagle Rock Way. Work continues on the third and final level of the stair tower building, which will eventually connect customers to the bus loop.

The stair tower will have three levels.

Customers can store their bikes on the third level and catch their next scheduled York Region Transit or GO Transit bus.

The second floor connects to the parking lot at ground level.

At the basement level, a tunnel will connect to the new west platform.

Maple GO construction

Tunnel construction is complete and will connect customers to the new west platform in the future. Crews are backfilling the area around and above the tunnel with material to restore a level surface for vehicle access. (Metrolinx photo)

Davenport Diamond Guideway

To support future two-way, all-day GO service on the Barrie Line, Metrolinx is building an elevated guideway for GO Trains to travel above the CP Rail freight train tracks.

The two rail lines, Barrie GO and CP Rail, currently meet north of Dupont Street, an intersection known as the Davenport Diamond.

The Davenport Diamond Guideway project includes construction of a new rail grade separation as well as the addition of a second main line track on the Barrie Line.

The project will also see the replacement of the bridge at Bloor Street West, a new bridge over Wallace Avenue, a pedestrian tunnel at Paton Road and rehabilitation of bridges at Dupont Street and at Davenport Road.

The project spans from Bloor Street West to Davenport Road and crews continue to make progress.

Here’s the latest update:

Elevated guideway installation

The crews have completed the launching operation, which supports the ongoing installation of bridge girders for the elevated guideway. Girders are large bridge segments that will support the track.

Mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) wall construction

The MSE walls at the north section of the project are complete and currently constructing the MSE walls on the south end of the project. The MSE walls will bring trains up to the height of the elevated guideway and back down to grade again.

Bloor Street bridge

Construction of the west span of Bloor Street bridge is finished. This bridge will support the new rail track.

Wallace Avenue bridge

Crews have completed the south abutment structure and are working on the north transition wall structure. Once complete, the steel bridge girders can be installed. This bridge will eliminate the existing at-grade road crossing to allow trains to travel above traffic.

CP Rail bridge

The construction of the CP bridge is complete and will eliminate the busy train intersection between Barrie GO Line and CP tracks at the existing Davenport Diamond. These improvements allow for increased GO service and service reliability.

Paton Road pedestrian underpass

Crews have completed the concrete works for this underpass structure. This underpass structure will allow pedestrians and cyclists to pass underneath trains traveling overhead.

Davenport Diamond construction

Davenport Diamond Guideway: facing north. Scaffolding to the left, and in between two concrete columns will be used to create formwork with a concrete pour for the cross bracing. This bracing provides additional lateral support for the girders when loaded. (Metrolinx image)

Rutherford GO Station

Major construction at Rutherford GO Station is now complete.

Locals in Vaughan can enjoy better connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists, get more seamless connections to York Region Transit as well as GO Transit, and access to improved station amenities.

In case you missed it, see the full video of the station upgrades here.

Barrie Line Rutherford

Pedestrians and cyclists can get to the station from either the north or south multi-use path on Rutherford Road. View of north multi-use path under the rail bridge. (Metrolinx photo)

Bradford GO Station

As a busy station on the Barrie corridor, Bradford GO is undergoing some necessary upgrades to improve the parking lot and the bus loop.

Recently, a concrete-base was poured along the perimeter of the on-site pump-house, and trenches that were dug for installing electrical cable conduits for lighting and CCTV were backfilled. The underground stormwater management chamber was also successfully installed.

Bradford GO

Formwork for the concrete retaining wall (toe-wall) is installed around the pump-house at Bradford GO station. (Metrolinx image)

Coming up on the Barrie Line

Toronto’s Caledonia GO Station will be directly integrated with connections to the Eglinton Crosstown LRT and will have amenities including heated platform shelters, bicycle parking, and complete accessibility enhancements.

Caledonia GO is now in its detailed design phase, with construction expected to start in mid-2023.

The second phase of work at Aurora GO Station is currently in procurement, with work expected to start in 2023. This project will include construction of a second platform and installation of a second track, rail signal upgrades, a new pedestrian tunnel with elevators, and improved accessibility on the existing east platform.

Barrie Line Service Updates

To help enable some of the work taking place along the Barrie Line, train service will be replaced by buses for two weekends this fall. 

This will start late on the evening of Friday, Oct. 28 through to the end of day on Oct. 30 and again starting late in the evening of Friday, Dec. 16 through to the end of day on Dec 18.

Buses will depart from all stations along the Barrie Line, except Downsview Park GO, which is also served by the TTC.

Metrolinx arranges construction schedules so that several crews can be in action simultaneously and use the time more efficiently.

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by Teresa Ko Metrolinx communications senior advisor,