Glenn Healy GO

Former NHL goalie marks 25 years as GO Transit commuter

Glenn Healy is no GO Train rookie. He’s been riding for more than 25 years. Read his story here.

May 31, 2018

While spending much of his life making saves on the ice, former NHL goalie Glenn Healy also makes a point of saving time by hopping on the train at Whitby GO Station every day.

Healy is no GO train rookie. He’s been riding, what he affectionately calls, the “Green Limousine” for more than 25 years. In fact, he has enjoyed his ride on the train for so long, his morning coffee is poured the moment he strolls into Whitby Station.

“The GO is so convenient, and the people are so friendly,” Healy said. “I took it to games at Maple Leaf Gardens during my time with the Leafs and I still take it to work.”

Glenn Healy GO

Former NHL player Glenn Healy on the Mimico GO Station platform. (Scott Money photo)

On top of being a seasoned GO rider, Glenn is a veteran of 15 NHL seasons, he’s a former Maple Leaf goaltender, sports broadcaster, and a Stanley Cup Champion with the New York Rangers.

When asked about who he thinks will win the Stanley Cup this year, Healy wasn’t quite ready to pick sides — a wise choice for a man that has good friends playing for both the Las Vegas Golden Knights and Washington Capitals.

While he hung up his goalie skates in 2001, Glenn continues to ride the GO to his job as the Executive Director for the NHL Alumni Association in Toronto. According to Healy, the GO train is even a great place to take care of important business. “I’ve cut two of the biggest business deals for the NHL Alumni Association while riding the GO Train,” he said.

When he’s not closing major deals on the GO Train, Healy can often be found chatting with hockey fans about last night’s game.

One word of advice from the former pro, “I really enjoy when people come up to chat with me. Just don’t take my seat!”

by Scott Money Metrolinx editorial content manager