Davenport Diamond guideway open drone shot

First trains on Davenport Diamond Guideway

Get a fresh look at some of the first GO Trains travelling on the Barrie Line’s new elevated section

Apr 19, 2023

The Davenport Diamond Guideway takes the transit agency’s 56-year-history to whole new heights.

For the first time ever, GO Trains are now travelling along an elevated section of tracks above Toronto’s busy streets.

The guideway is 1.4 kilometres long with the highest elevation being 9 metres above the CP Rail tracks.

It runs on the Barrie GO Line from Bloor Street West to south of Davenport Road in Toronto’s west end.

While the first trains started traveling on the guideway earlier this month, this is the first official look at the GO Trains in action – from a variety of different angles.

by Mike Winterburn Metrolinx News senior writer