Changes coming to 4:35 Kitchener Line GO Train

Find out what's changing for Kitchener Line GO customers, including Bramalea Station.

Feb 12, 2019

GO Transit customers getting off of the 4:32 (formerly 4:35) train from Union Station at Bramalea GO will soon set foot on a new platform created especially for them. The trip, which formerly ended at Georgetown GO, now ends its journey at Bramalea GO.

Starting this Wednesday (Feb. 13), their GO train will arrive at a section of the south platform that will eventually evolve and become part of the substantially upgraded Bramalea station, expected in 2021. But for now, it’s an interim place for the 4:32 train out of Union Station to stop and unload safely.

It will mean passengers should pay attention to onboard announcements when boarding since the doors in only three coaches will open at Bramalea. Station staff will also be on-site at Bramalea to assist customers find their way.


The platform was created because fitting the new 4:50 p.m. express trip into the schedule while running alongside CN freight traffic in a key section of the rail corridor required some creative problem solving. As a result, the makeshift platform on the south tracks was created for the 4:32 p.m. train out of Union Station. Sure, it may not be pretty, but we’ve ensured this infrastructure offers customers a safe experience.

Dave Park, senior manager for GO Transit’s stations operations west, said it was important to find a workable and safe solution for Bramalea customers, because Brampton continues to be a fast growing community, and Metrolinx understands the importance of increasing service to areas of our network with high demand.

“We needed to find a solution for our customers – so we got down to work to make it happen,” said Park. “The crews have been busy, and haven’t stopped. They knew it had to happen for customers counting on that train.”

He explained that the early works team under George Marijan deserve much of the credit.

But that also means some limitations will exist for the short-term for the one arriving train. It’s important to note that customers travelling from Union who need an elevator to access the north side of the station should likely take the 4:50 express, which only arrives at Bramalea five minutes later at a fully accessible platform. We’re working on a more permanent solution, and we’ll be sure to provide customers with updates as our work continues. In the meantime, all other trains that serve Bramalea GO Station arrive at a fully accessible platform.

Bramalea GO train customer Hayley knows adjustments and changes can be a burden. For years, she’s largely sat in the same seat on her daily trip between Bramalea and Union Station.

Lately, like most GO customers on the Kitchener line, she’s had to make adjustments to her schedule, as timetables changed while Metrolinx worked to extend service to the Kitchener line.

Not everything has gone smoothly – but she’s willing to adjust.

“Mankind is always in a rush,” she says. “As long as it’s a change for the better, we’ll adjust.”

by Caroline Busbridge Metrolinx senior advisor, communications planning