20171213_Town Hall #14

Ask Metrolinx Town Hall November 28

Look out - Metrolinx will be hosting a Town Hall on November 28.

Nov 28, 2018

Have a question for Metrolinx? Now’s your time to ask.

President and CEO Phil Verster, along with members of the Senior Management Team, will take part in an Ask Metrolinx Town Hall Wednesday, November 28.

This is an opportunity to ask leadership about Metrolinx services, regional transportation planning, or anything top of mind. The public is invited to ask questions in person or to submit them online, and questions will also be taken from attendees and online viewers of the live event.

20171213_Town Hall #14

An Ask Metrolinx Town Hall earlier this year saw hundreds of participants, both online and in person, ask questions ranging from the future use of PRESTO, to the status of projects, and mitigating noise pollution.

Ask Metrolinx Town Hall will be held at 97 Front St. West, inside the J. Robert S. Pritchard Boardroom, fourth floor, from 6 to 7:30 p.m.