20171213_Town Hall #14

Ask Metrolinx’s Town Hall attracts hundreds of participants

The second Ask Metrolinx town hall for 2018 took place on Monday evening.

Feb 27, 2018

Alex Rampaul is almost as enthusiastic about transit as those working at Metrolinx. Not only is he always involved in the online discussion about what’s happening, but when there’s an opportunity to interact with staff in person, he jumps at the chance.

The second Ask Metrolinx town hall took place on Monday evening and Rampaul was one of the first to take the microphone. He wanted to know about fare integration.

“You are exactly in the same place that we are,” Chief Planning Officer Leslie Woo said to Rampaul. “The TTC-GO discount double fare came into place in January of this year. We are working now to advance getting a discount double fare between TTC and the remaining (agencies).”


CEO Phil Verster and the Metrolinx senior management team were on hand to provide answers to participants in the room, along with others who joined on Facebook and through Metrolinx Engage.

Hundreds of people participated during the two-hour session, both online and in person. Questions ranged from future use of PRESTO, and possible revenue tools, to the status of projects, staffing and mitigating noise pollution.

More questions and answers will be posted here and on Metrolinx Engage in the days to come.