Hurontario LRT photos Dec 2022

A look back on 2022 for the Hazel McCallion Line

Major milestones include first-in-Ontario methods used to construct an underpass in record timing.

Dec 27, 2022

2022 was a remarkable year for the Hazel McCallion line which will run between Mississauga and Brampton.

Operations, maintenance and storage facility (OMSF)

Work at the operations, maintenance and storage facility (OMSF) progressed significantly in 2022.

The OMSF will be the hub of the new line, with vehicles travelling along Topflight Drive and over a new bridge spanning Etobicoke Creek to reach the OMSF.

Inside the building, there’s a repair shop, vehicle cleaning facility, material storage, and capacity for 42 light rail vehicles.

Most of this construction is now complete.

This year also saw the installation of tracks inside the OMSF yard and building, and the installation and painting of the raised platform used to access the top of the light rail vehicles.

Hurontario LRT photos Dec 2022

Guideway and track construction

In preparation for track installation, guideway construction took place from Matheson Boulevard to Britannia Road.

With track work at several intersections now complete including at Hurontario Street and Sandstone Drive/ Brunel Road, Milverton Drive/ Watline Avenue and Aldridge Street/Traders Boulevard, as well as most of the mid-blocks, there’s steady momentum for track installation going into the new year.

Hurontario LRT photos Dec 2022

Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) push box

Over a single weekend, crews installed a new underpass under the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) at Hurontario Street. The process involved using hydraulic jacks to push a push box weighing more than 6,000 tonnes into place – a first in Ontario!

The QEW push box will be the permanent underpass for northbound Hurontario traffic, allowing space for the Hazel McCallion Line tracks through the existing underpass along with the southbound Hurontario traffic.

Time-lapse cameras were used to capture real-time updates from start to finish of the push. Check out the real time footage below.

Port Credit GO push box

Hurontario Street is seeing many firsts. After more than a year of preparatory work, crews building the Hazel McCallion line started the official push of a large concrete structure, or push box, underneath the Lakeshore West rail tracks at the Port Credit GO Station using the groundbreaking Verona System in a very first on Canadian soil.

This push box will be used as a new passageway under the rail tracks, allowing the future Hazel McCallion line to enter and exit Port Credit GO Station without disrupting rail service on the tracks above.

Hurontario LRT photos Dec 2022

403 Flyover Progress

The Hazel McCallion Line will also include a new flyover bridge to allow the line to cross Highway 403.

This new structure will give the line its own route over the 403, minimizing disruptions to vehicle traffic. The support columns, abutments and caps are being installed now, and the first girders of the new bridge are being put into place.

Hurontario LRT photos Dec 2022

The scale of work that’s been done over the past year ensures that next year will get off to a good start.

Stay tuned for what’s ahead in 2023.

by Maria Khan Metrolinx communications senior advisor