An artist concept shows a ground-level stop, with a light rail vehicle pulling in.

A look at the Aga Khan Park and Museum Crosstown stop

Metrolinx News is checking in with each of the Crosstown stations to highlight progress.

May 9, 2019

We know the reach of each station along the Crosstown LRT project doesn’t start and stop at the platform.

All the work being done, as we explore the significant progress being made by our building partners, Crosslinx Transit Solutions (CTS), is about where our customers – and communities – can soon go from here.

It’s about getting to work, home, an event or a favorite shop easier. But it’s also about future journeys of exploration and discovery for our passengers.

The previous Crosstown Progress story took you on a visit to the Ontario Science Centre. Now continue eastward, and the new line will take you to your next stop, and a chance to look into the artistic, intellectual and scientific contributions of Muslim civilizations to world heritage at the Aga Khan Museum.

Think more than 1,000 artifacts and objects that helped shape humanity.

An artist concept showing customers at platform level.

So with Crosstown, we may not be actually building a time machine, but the hard work of CTS – and the ongoing support and patience of communities we are building in – is creating portals of possibilities to become immersed and learn about communities next door and halfway around the globe.

This 16th stop on the Eglinton Crosstown progress tour, quickly heading east, is Aga Khan Park and Museum, named after the nearby Aga Khan Museum.

Built at the surface, the accessible stop will be a centre platform, or parallel side platform, with the stop located on the west side of the intersection of the Don Valley Parkway southbound exit ramp and Eglinton Avenue East.

Construction for this stop began in April of this year with road widening and paving. There will be a 0.5 meter wide buffer on both sides of Eglinton to provide additional space between future bike lanes and vehicular lanes once this work is done.

Road widening will continue until approximately mid-May, at which point guideway and track work can start. Expect track work to come to this section of the LRT line soon.

We’re going to provide you the means to safely and efficiently explore Toronto. Where you want to go using Crosstown will be up to you. But there will be a world of possibilities.

by Erika D’Urbano Communications senior advisor