Track and station upgrades coming to expanding Barrie GO Line

Expansion of GO service along the Barrie line begins with the start of construction

Apr 22, 2022

From upgrading stations to adding more track, there’s a lot happening along the Barrie GO Line.

As part of the GO Expansion project, construction is starting on improvements at Maple and King City GO Stations.  

Construction teams are also getting set to begin laying second tracks on one section of the Barrie Line, as well as preparing other sections of the line for future double tracking.

All this work is to help bring increased two-way, all-day GO train service to more people north of Toronto.

GO Expansion on the Barrie Line

As part of the project, second tracks are being added between Rutherford Road and McNaughton Side Road on the Barrie Line, and work is underway to prepare other portions of the line to receive a second track.

Why is a second track so important?

Right now, much of the Barrie Line runs along a single track, which limits the number of trains that can travel along the line. Adding a second track is like going from a single lane road, where traffic has to yield to oncoming vehicles, to a two-lane road where traffic can flow in both directions.

This preparation work is taking place between Kirby Road and Dufferin Street, as well as between Bathurst Street and Engelhard Drive and includes grading, fencing, culvert extensions, noise walls, and utility relocations.

Construction will also start on a new single-track rail bridge at the Barrie Line’s intersection with Yonge Street.

The new bridge will be built next to the existing one and will ensure trains can run without interrupting the flow of traffic on the road below.

At Maple GO, a new noise wall will be added alongside the new track on the west side of the rail corridor. A new pedestrian bridge at Major Mackenzie Road will also be added to support increased access to the station.

rendering of bridge over Yonge Street

The new single track railway bridge over Yonge Street artist rendering, designs are subject to change. (Metrolinx image)

Improvements and infrastructure upgrades at Maple GO

At Maple GO Station, improvements will prepare the station to support future two-way, all-day service on the Barrie Line. Improvements include:

  • A rehabilitated east platform
  • A new west side platform
  • Commissioning of the north and south tunnel (including elevators) to connect to west platform
  • Expanding the bus loop on Eagle Rock Way, and north tunnel connection to the bus loop
  • Upgrading the passenger pick-up, drop-off zone
  • A new pedestrian bridge across Major Mackenzie Drive along with retaining walls, pathways, and landscaping upgrades around the bridge

King City GO to undergo station improvements

Further north at King City GO Station, construction on station improvements is starting soon and will include surface parking expansion and rehabilitation, a new west platform, and a pedestrian bridge.

Double tracking and station upgrades coming to expanding Barrie GO Line

A look at the improved King City GO station. Artist rendering, designs are subject to change. (Metrolinx image)

Like Maple, improvements at King City GO will prepare the station to support future increased two-way, all-day service on the Barrie Line.

I live near one of the stations under construction. What does this mean for me?

Residents will notice construction crews, equipment, and material deliveries coming through residential roads in the parking area of King City GO and Maple GO. Residents may also notice noise and vibrations from the machinery and some ambient light from the site.

Construction will mainly take place Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., but there may be some overnight work required. When overnight work has to happen, Metrolinx will communicate with the local community in advance, and make every effort to minimize disruption.

For the most up to date information on this and other Metrolinx projects happening in York Region, residents can visit metrolinx.com/subscribe and subscribe to the newsletter.

More to come for GO Expansion on the Barrie Line

Metrolinx is committed to expanding GO service along the Barrie Line, which means faster and more frequent travel for customers on this line.

By making improvements today, Metrolinx is working towards faster, two-way, all-day service as frequently as every 15 minutes to both Maple and King City GO Stations. These projects will also pave the way for the electrification of the corridor up to Aurora GO Station.

Want to get more updates on this project and other construction milestones? Keep an eye on Metrolinx News and follow the GO Expansion Twitter account.

by Rosie Hales-Wilson Metrolinx senior communications advisor