Union Station

Union Station

Track enhancements

The work at Union Station and within the Union Station Rail Corridor (USRC) are being completed in phases to deliver the required infrastructure needed to bring two-way, all-day rail service every 15 minutes or better along core segments of the GO network as part of GO Expansion.

We’re completing upgrades to track infrastructure in the USRC, to increase capacity within the rail corridor and bring you more frequent service.

GO Expansion will offer more service with faster trains, more stations and seamless connections to a regional rapid transit network.  

Project overview

East Track Enhancements

The East Track Enhancements are being completed as part of the Union Station Enhancement Project.

We’re removing and relocating infrastructure on the south side of the Union Station Rail Corridor east of Union Station and widening the rail bridges that pass over Lower Jarvis and Lower Sherbourne Streets.

The East Track Enhancements will pave the way for two additional sections of track to be installed along the southside of the Union Station Rail Corridor, to the east of Union Station which will increase capacity and allow for future electrification as part of the larger GO Expansion Program. 

Work will take place within the rail corridor between Union Station and the Don Yard Maintenance Facility, located to the east. Work outside of the rail corridor will mostly be limited to the areas at Jarvis and Sherbourne Streets.

After the completion of the East Track Enhancements, Metrolinx will lay tracks, modernize the signalling system and electrify core segments of the GO rail network.

West Track Enhancements

Adding new track and improving existing track at western limits.

Community documents

Community documents

Review the latest construction notices and community documents for the project.

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