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A better Agincourt GO Station is coming.

Major improvements are coming to Agincourt GO station. When complete, the improved Agincourt GO station will give you better station amenities and access to all-day, two-way frequent GO train service over the next several years.

The station will be able to accommodate an additional 1,000+ customers that we’re planning for in the next 10 years. On top of that, we're adding 19 new train trips, primarily between Unionville GO Station and Union Station, have already been added.

This is how we’re improving Agincourt Station, to get you there better, faster and easier:


Project overview

At Agincourt GO, we are working to make it easier for customers to get to the station, enhance accessibility, update amenities, as well as make track and platform improvements.

Improvements being made to the station include:

  • New passenger pick-up and drop-off area (Kiss & Ride)
  • More bicycle storage
  • Better connection to Sheppard Avenue at the south end of both platforms
  • New pedestrian tunnels and elevators at the north and south end of the station. The north tunnel will replace the path along Marilyn Avenue to improve connection to and through the station
  • A new, LEED-certified station building
  • Better lighting, clearer signage and improved landscaping
  • A new second platform and a relocated east platform, both with new snow-melting systems to give you more convenient access to trains running in both directions
  • Canopies over the platforms with shelters
  • A second track to support two-way, all day service

These improvements will improve accessibility and community connections, while enhancing comfort for a better customer experience and preparing the station to support more frequent GO service.


In the news

See video of new Agincourt GO Station building

October 25, 2021 Metrolinx is making major improvements at Agincourt GO Station. The latest development offers customers that new station building smell, look and feel – with sleek lines, open spaces and modern touches. [Read More]

Stouffville GO line sees significant changes

July 22, 2021

Metrolinx construction is preparing the line for frequent two-way, all-day service. Let’s bring you up to speed on what’s different along the line and where it’s all leading. [Read More]

Agincourt GO Station demolished - See video of the building comign down, as well as what will rise from the rubble in Scarborough

February 19, 2021 As work at Agincourt GO progresses, the original station needed to come down. Recently, a temporary trailer and washrooms were set up to prepare for the existing station demolition. Following the clearance of the old station area, improvements to the west platform and the exterior of the new station building can proceed. [Read More]

As the old Agincourt Station comes down: A new chapter about to be written for important Scarborough transit stop

February 9, 2021

One of Toronto’s oldest neighborhoods is about to become home to one of the newest stations on the GO network. Agincourt’s railway history dates back to the 19th century. Station buildings have come and gone, like the residents themselves. Now after nearly 40 years of GO service, it’s getting an upgraded station. Through the eyes of one local family, here’s a look back at the old reliable stop that helped move generations. [Read More]

Agincourt GO Station demolition begins - See the first images

February 9, 2021 To make way for something better, the old Agincourt GO Station is coming down. We have a couple of initial images of that impressive work starting at the Scarborough transit stop. [Read More]

Before the wrecking crews and future arrive - Prepping Agincourt GO for major passenger and station changes

January 21, 2021

Check out the new setup for customers at Agincourt GO as Metrolinx prepares for the upcoming demolition of the existing station building. [Read More]

Digging down and building up a tunnel at Toronto's Agincourt GO Station

December 10, 2021

A new pedestrian tunnel is set for installation at Agincourt GO Station and Metrolinx News is going to show you how it’s done. Can you, um, dig it? [Read More]

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Community documents

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