Agincourt station sign

New customer amenities now open at Agincourt GO Station

Opening of pedestrian tunnel, parking lot & full west platform shows GO Expansion progress.

Nov 8, 2022

At Agincourt GO Station in Scarborough, three brand-new customer amenities have opened, marking major progress on station improvements.

A new accessible pedestrian tunnel has opened, which will replace the existing at-grade pedestrian track-crossing at Marilyn Avenue for community members and GO users who need to cross between the east and west sides of the rail corridor.

The tunnel is located close to the north side of Agincourt GO and offers a safer way for pedestrians to get around the station.

Agincourt tunnel entrance

The entrance to the brand-new north tunnel at Agincourt GO from the station’s west platform. (Metrolinx image)

The new tunnel includes enhanced lighting and CCTV cameras to enhance safety for pedestrians using this crossing. The tunnel’s enclosed staircases and elevators are located on the east and west platforms.

Agincourt platfor elevator

The new tunnel’s enclosed staircases and elevators are fully accessible. (Metrolinx image)

The Marilyn Avenue track crossing has been permanently closed, and signage has been installed, directing pedestrians to the new tunnel.

The second amenity opening at Agincourt GO is the new north parking lot.

The new lot has 74 parking spaces, bike shelters and pedestrian pathways connecting the station to the community via Marilyn Avenue and Agincourt Drive.

With this new lot, Agincourt GO now has 340 parking spaces, with an accessible passenger pick-up, drop-off area for 24 vehicles.

Lastly, the full west platform is now open to the public.

All boarding restrictions have been removed and GO customers are able to use the full length of the platform to board the train.

While the station has reached these significant project milestones, there is still active construction happening in different places at Agincourt GO, and customers and community members are reminded to continue to be cautious when navigating around construction equipment and fenced off areas until this work is complete.

by Rosie Hales-Wilson Metrolinx senior communications advisor