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As we’re building a web of rapid transit connections across the Greater Golden Horseshoe, there’s a concept we’re integrating into everything we create: the seamless journey.

To us, a seamless journey is all about you—moving you quickly and easily everywhere you need to go, and making the entire journey as simple as can be. One way we’re doing that is by building central hubs, where transit options connect and extend into our communities.

Enter the Kipling Transit Hub - which allows you to hop onto GO Transit, the TTC or MiWay all from the same place. Step off one system and onto another—how’s that for seamless?

Kipling Transit Hub

Project overview

  • New Kipling Bus Terminal (GO & MiWay)
  • Transit hub connecting customers to GO Transit; MiWay; TTC subway, buses, and parking
  • Improved car, bicycle and pedestrian access to the station including a new signalized intersection at Acorn Avenue
  • Renovated TTC commuter parking lot northeast of the new bus terminal, updated pedestrian pick-up and drop-off building and taxi areas
  • Renovated GO station building located on the rail platform.
  • Upgrades to the GO train platform, including new accessible boarding features
  • New underground tunnels to make it easier to walk between the new bus terminal and the existing TTC station
  • A pedestrian bridge over the train tracks – complete with elevators - to connect the new bus terminal to the GO train platform

Creating a seamless transit journey started by bringing together all of the transit services you depend on. This is your access point to everything: integrated subway, GO regional rail, local and regional bus services, and connected in a single place — your go-to stop for a region of possibilities.

This is your local launching pad from Toronto’s west end to an entire regional transit network. With connections to the Milton line, more than 10 bus routes, GO, TTC and MiWay transit providers, and express access to the airport, Kipling Transit Hub is your new home base as you hop across the region.

By offering access and connection to the area, we are sparking new economic growth in Toronto’s west end. It means more jobs and opportunities both in the neighbourhood and across the Greater Golden Horseshoe.

In the news

Kipling Transit Hub is complete and offering more transit connections in West Toronto

May 21, 2022

Construction of Kipling Transit Hub is complete. Located in Toronto west region, the key hub seamlessly connects customers to three transit providers – GO Transit, MiWay and TTC. [Read more]

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