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Hazel McCallion LRT

Hazel McCallion LRT


Before a construction project can begin, Metrolinx undertakes various studies to help make decisions about the project. These studies include a business case, which presents evidence and analysis to explain why a project should be built, and an environmental assessment, which identifies potential impacts of a project and proposes ways to avoid, reduce or minimize them.

Business cases

Hurontario LRT Benefits Case Analysis

An optimised case for the Hurontario Light Rail Transit project.

Environmental Assessments

Environmental Project Report Main Report

The Environmental Project Report from June 2014

Environmental Project Report - Summary

Read the Enironmental Project Report - Executive Summary


From construction to operation, Metrolinx is using environmentally sustainable best practices during all stages of the project.

Project documents

Hurontario LRT & AFP

The Hurontario LRT & Alternative Financing and Procurement (AFP)

Hurontario LRT Shortlisted Teams

The teams shortlisted to design, build, finance, operate and maintain the Hurontario LRT project.