Transit Change. It’s Happening.

Metrolinx is changing transit to make it better.
Because transit change will create possibilities and a better region for everyone.

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Wonder where transit is going? We’ve got it all mapped out.

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2030 Vision Map

Transit Progress

From Awkward to Awesome

We’re making exciting progress planning and building better transit for everyone across the Greater Golden Horseshoe. That means a lot of changes – and while we’re not quite there yet, we’re on our way to transforming transit, from awkward to awesome.

PRESTO contactless

Try it today on UP Express

At Metrolinx, we’re delivering innovative products to ensure that your journey with us is safe and convenient. We’re piloting PRESTO contactless payment – using your credit card, debit card or mobile wallet – on UP Express. Next time you travel on UP, try out PRESTO contactless payment.