An artist depiction shows an view looking down at the large entrance of Cedarvale Station.

VIDEO: Laying the ground work for Crosstown's Cedarvale Station

See the underpinning work that will reinforce the existing foundation of the adjoining TTC station.

Nov 18, 2019

The ajority of the western portion of Toronto’s Eglinton Crosstown LRT project will be below ground and that means there is a ton of action going on below the surface.

A lot of this work has to be extremely precise so that existing infrastructure, like the TTC subway lines, aren’t disturbed.

At Cedarvale station, the 6th station along the line when traveling west to east, there is serious digging taking place to underpin the existing TTC subway structure so that the LRT construction can continue safely.

We’ve got a short time-lapse showing out the underpinning work is going:

For people not well versed in construction terms, in this case underpinning involves carefully sliding in steel supports that will disperse the load to six ‘king’ piles, which will act as the new foundation for the station box. This allows crews to excavate below the existing TTC subway station.

Keep an eye out for the full version of the video here on Metrolinx News and on the Eglinton Crosstown Facebook and Twitter channels.