4 [August 2] Tunnel

The best Crosstown LRT project images of 2019

Now it’s time to count down the top 10 photos from the Eglinton Crosstown LRT project.

Dec 30, 2019

As super models go, Crosstown has a pretty impressive portfolio.

Throughout 2019, Metrolinx News has published a steady string of in-depth photos, showing the progress on the Toronto light rail transit (LRT) construction project. From tunnels deep below the Earth to the elevated rails that will help bring users to 25 stops across 19 kilometres of Eglinton Avenue, we’ve focused on almost every angle.

The weekly photo-features are among this site’s most viewed content.

But what have been the best of the best, in helping bring progress into focus? The LRT images that have been judged – yes, by our Crosstown team, including builders Crosslinx Transit Solutions – to be the project’s best sides?

With many more pictures coming in 2020 here are the top 10 Crosstown photos of the past year. Let’s zoom in.

Aerial the fully opened Yonge & Eglinton intersection

In October 2019, all lanes of the intersection of Yonge and Eglinton fully opened up.

Aerial work on the overhead catenary system on the elevated guideway

Work on the overhead catenary system on the elevated guideway is complete. This system will provide power to the vehicles. Expect testing for these vehicles to start from this stretch of rail to Caledonia Station in the new year.

the massive tunnels underground at Avenue Station

At Avenue Station, work continues to form out the massive cavern that will house the station – 32 metres below the roadway. Mining will finish up in early 2020.

4 [August 2] Tunnel

Looking down the tunnel connecting the Black Creek Portal to Keelesdale Station – all rail installation is now complete in this section of tunnel

Photo shows the mining at Laird Station, with completed floors and roof archway

This view shows the mining at Laird Station, with completed sections of floors and roof archway. Mining wrapped up at Laird this year.

rail getting installed at Keelesdale Station

At Keelesdale Station, rail installation continues, with track pads in along platform level. The horizontal steel poles will hold the overhead power line.

Aerial shot of Fairbank Station which shows a large pit where the station is being built from the...

At Fairbank Station, the crew continues their climb towards the surface everyday as concrete pours progress upward.

the entrance to the Science Centre station with the strutrual steel has been installed and a rend...

Science Centre hit a big milestone, with installation of structural steel above ground for the main entrance. Moving forward, we’ll begin to see the entrance building take shape.

the construction underneath Kennedy and Eglinton

Here’s a view looking under the Kennedy and Eglinton intersection, with formwork in place for more concrete pours

At Eglinton Square where you see completed tracks in the centre of the roadway.

At Eglinton Square you’ll see completed Crosstown tracks in the centre of the roadway. Work continues to install the rest of the track in the area.