Two people stand in front of a group of lockers at a GO station.

Same-day PC Express grocery service comes to GO Stations

Burlington station also added to program that sees shopping delivered directly to select GO stops.

Feb 13, 2019

You wake in the morning with the emptiness in the pit of your stomach.

And then the reality haunts the rest of your day.

With milk running low, bread in the bag down to a stale heel and your cat, Katy Purry, demanding cat food rather than leftover tuna casserole, it’s time to figure out how to fit grocery shopping into hectic days.

Well if you commute from one of the GO stations with PC Express – Burlington, Bronte, Clarkson, Oakville, Rouge Hill or Whitby – you’re covered.

Same-day service at those GO Stations is here – shop online and place your order before 9 a.m. and you’ll be able to pick up your Twinkies, almond milk and catnip on your way home and save yourself a trip to the grocers.

Two people stand in front of a group of lockers at a GO station.

A family uses PC Express grocery lockers at the Oakville GO station. (Photo by Kevin Kloostra)

Josh Nobrega, Metrolinx assistant manager, partnerships, said: “This is a game changer for our customers.

“To pick their groceries in the a.m. online, and having them waiting when they reach their station on the way back home in the p.m., will help with the stress level of busy days.

“It’s a personal shopper working for them as they travel back home.”

The high-tech system uses special storage lockers located at the stations. Press in a code provided once you place an order, and your groceries are inside waiting.

Katy Purry will appreciate that you’ll be home faster because you’ll be grabbing your groceries on the GO – with $10 off any order of $50 or more.

Nobrega says the overall partnership is growing, with the introduction of Burlington, as the newest PC Express station to be added.

Suddenly, that emptiness in your stomach is filled.

A person holds a mobile device showing the Loblaws site. A GO train is in the background.

Your mobile device gives you the ability to order food in the a.m. that will be waiting for you at your local GO station in the p.m.

Here’s what you need to know to get your groceries on the GO:

  1. Shop groceries online at or on the app before 9 a.m. for same day pick up at your PC Express location.
  2. Try it with $10 off* when you spend $50 or more.  Use code PCXTEN at checkout.
  3. 3. Download the PC Express app or visit
  4. Select your GO Station from the store locator
  5. Place your order and the shopping will be done for you
  6. Arrive at the PC Express location at the station, pick up and go
  7. Learn more at