Talyor Lindsay-Noel BHM

Raising the bar for better accessibility

Once a national gymnast, Taylor Lindsay-Noel is reaching new heights.

Feb 8, 2023

Taylor Lindsay-Noel is unstoppable. 

The former national gymnast was hopeful to attend the 2012 Olympics before a devastating fall during training left her paralyzed from neck down.

She was 14 when it happened, and her life has since, drastically changed. 

Lindsay-Noel is now the CEO and founder of Cup of Té luxury loose leaf teas and Cup of Té Café. Her product was featured on Oprah’s Favourite Things List in 2020 – a legendary and sought-after list where products are selected and reviewed by the famous American talk show host.

Cup of Té luxury loose leaf teas were also included in the gift bags handed out at the Grammy’s and the Oscar’s.

But her resume doesn’t stop there.

She is also a board member for Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Center and a content creator on TikTok, bringing accessibility awareness to more than 45,000 followers.

Lindsay-Noel says navigating the world is not always easy, and as a young black woman who is paralyzed from the neck down, she’s had her fair share of challenges and obstacles – all of which she continues to overcome.

She decided to use her experience and take to social media to bring accessibility awareness to the forefront.

“Disability awareness and accessibility is extremely important and will eventually affect all of us in society if you are blessed to grow old,” explains Lindsay-Noel.

“Often times we have a reactive response to accessibility; I’m advocating for a more proactive approach.”

Talyor Lindsay-Noel BHM

She never expected to get as great of a reception as she did with her business and her content – On TikTok alone she’s garnered close to 1.7 million likes. 

“I feel really blessed to know that people find my content relatable, even if they do not have the same lived experience as I do.”

The former Canadian national gymnast has relied on GO Transit to help her get around and says she appreciates the commitment to accessibility laid out by the agency’s accessibility advisory committee. 

“I generally have had good experience as compared to other forms of transit available in the city.”

Lindsay-Noel is the recipient of the 2021 Black Business and Professional Association Young Entrepreneur Award, and she wants leaders to take away the fact that accessibility is something that will affect everybody. 

“Whether you are in a wheelchair, or simply getting older, having the proper infrastructure is a necessity,” explains Lindsay-Noel.

“Being proactive instead of reactive is always the better approach so that all spaces are inclusive for members of our society.”

by Nitish Bissonauth Metrolinx bilingual editorial content advisor