Pickering Pedestrian Bridge another step closer to completion

North side cladding begins coming down during the final stages of Phase 1 construction.

Mar 7, 2018

For those living in Durham Region, it’s an essential connection to the GO Transit network. For others travelling through Pickering, it’s something worth stopping for.

The pedestrian bridge linking commuters from the north side of Highway 401 to Pickering GO Station on the south side is fast becoming a visual wonder, as another construction milestone is reached.

“This is progress and on the way to completion,” said Peter Zuk, Chief Capital Officer for Metrolinx. “This is a world-class bridge.”

The final stages of Phase 1 construction involve installing lights and removing the stairwell cladding on both ends of the bridge. Both Zuk and Pickering Mayor Dave Ryan visited the site to see the latest work taking place first hand in early March.

“We’re very pleased to see the progress,” Ryan said. “We like the commitment, cooperation and the partnership that we have with Metrolinx and GO. It’s a very positive step for Pickering.”

Construction of the 250-metre long pedestrian bridge has become an engineering marvel. First of all, the original installation involved crossing 14 lanes of traffic on one of the busiest highways in North America. Seven box “trusses” were transported using one of the largest mobile cranes in Canada.

A number of features also make the bridge the first of its kind. A lightweight product normally used for roofing, called Kalzip, is being used to “wrap” the platform. An LED system is also being installed, which will allow the bridge to light up in different colours.

The final phases of construction are expected to be complete in the Fall of 2018.