Eaglewood Bridge Hazel McCallion Line


New bridge is sign of progress on Hazel McCallion Line

Exciting work continues on the Hazel McCallion Line as bridge and intersection open in Mississauga.

Jun 25, 2024

The opening of the Eaglewood bridge in south Mississauga is a step forward for the Hazel McCallion Line.

The bridge will be opening on July 4, along with a new signalized intersection linking communities on both the east and west sides of Hurontario Street, near Port Credit GO Station.

The opening corresponds with the official closure and planned demolition of the no longer needed Inglewood bridge which will begin on July 5.

Hazel McCallion Line

The Hazel McCallion Line is a brand new transit line being built in Peel Region. It will run 18-kilometres along Hurontario Street from Port Credit GO Station to Steeles Avenue in Brampton. Making 19 stops along the way.

Last November,  we detailed the installation of the guideway around the Eaglewood bridge, a process completed while the Inglewood bridge continued its regular operations.

Eaglewood Bridge Hazel McCallion Line

A drone shot of the work to help bring the new bridge to life. (Metrolinx image)

Crews installed approximately 40 meters of track for the Hazel McCallion Line — 20 meters to the north and 20 meters to the south of the bridge. This ensured uninterrupted access for drivers at the intersection and saved commuters from a complete closure of the new intersection to install tracks there in the future.

The newly established signalized intersection serves a dual purpose.

It allows the LRT tracks to transition from the centre of Hurontario Street, north of Inglewood Drive, to the upcoming LRT station at Port Credit on the west side of Hurontario Street.

It’s designed this way to ensure it’s safe and efficient for both light rail vehicles and Hurontario traffic, contributing to the seamless integration of the LRT into the city's transit infrastructure.

by Maria Khan Metrolinx communications senior advisor