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Metrolinx launches new Spotify playlists

Spotify playlists are part of a new partnership with Spotify for the Quiet Zone on board.

Apr 25, 2018

Whether you like to unwind with some classical music after a long day or pump yourself up for the gym – but not in the Quiet Zone – the right music for your mood may not always be at the top of your playlist.

Nobody wants to spend time finding the perfect song after a long day. That’s where two new Spotify playlists come in handy. GO Chill and GO Pop are designed to appeal to your unique musical vibe. The public playlists are refreshed weekly, and users have the option to stream or download them for both online and offline listening.


“When I look around our trains, buses, and stations even, I see many people with headphones,” said Mary Proc, Chief Customer & Marketing Officer for Metrolinx. “It’s clear to us that music is a very important part of the GO journey.”

Customers, fans and GO Bear were treated to an early morning show at Union Station on April 18. Ontario’s own Cold Creek Country, one of the artists on the inaugural playlists, was on hand to entertain.

From P!nk to Ed Sheeran, there’s something for everyone. Get off the train relaxed, recharged and refreshed.