A look inside UNion Station, largely vacant.

Metrolinx employee tests positive for COVID-19 at Union Station

Staff member is getting support and safety measures have been taken to protect others.

May 29, 2020

A Metrolinx employee working at Union Station has tested positive for COVID-19.

The employee has not been at work since May 22, and they’re currently isolating at home. They are getting the full support of Metrolinx colleagues and leaders.

Out of an abundance of caution, a complete deep cleaning of their work area took place and we immediately began consulting with the experts at Toronto Public Health.

As part of that public health investigation, all indications are this person contracted the virus from outside Union Station.

A look inside UNion Station, largely vacant.

Inside the Great Hall at Toronto’s Union Station. (Rob Granatstein photo)

Metrolinx has introduced more than 40 new measures since the pandemic began specifically to keep customers and staff safe. Among those is a policy requiring employees and contractors to wear fabric face coverings while working on Metrolinx property or conducting Metrolinx business.

These measures were developed to help stop the spread of COVID-19, and to protect customers and staff from someone else potentially passing along the coronavirus. Toronto Public Health has specifically said, given this employee was wearing a full face shield, mask and gloves to help to protect during the course of their duties, the risk of transmission remains extremely low.

To date, six Metrolinx employees tested positive and another four have probable cases of COVID-19. Those staff members include bus operators, senior staff in operations as well as maintenance and administration. All of our members are either recovering, or have recovered at home.

While Metrolinx has taken measures to help reduce the spread of transmission of the virus, customers are needed to do their part to help keep everyone safe as well.

Recently, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health began recommending people where face coverings in public including while taking transit.

While not mandatory, we strongly encourage our customers to follow the guidance of public health officials and use a face covering to help protect everyone using GO Transit and Union Station.