the Finch West LRT Maintenance and Storage Facility under construction

Maintenance facility for Finch West LRT rising up this summer

From utility relocation to drilling and excavations, progress is being made on the Finch West LRT.

Jun 3, 2020

Where do trains sleep at night?

That’s not just the title of a popular children’s book – it’s a valid question.

The answer of course, is inside a maintenance and storage facility (MSF)

In the case of the Finch West LRT, the MSF is being built right now at 50 York Gate Boulevard – just north of Jane Street and Finch Avenue West in northwest Toronto. The MSF is not only where the light rail vehicles (LRVs) will be stored overnight, it also provides vital space for service, repairs and inspections.

Structural steel is being installed right now and that work will continue into late summer. This structural steel will form the skeleton of the facility. After that, work will begin to create the facility’s outer shell with the installation of a curtain wall (thin glass wall), windows, roofing, train doors and track work. Work will also continue elevating the site grade for drainage.

Exterior elevation, framing work and roofing construction will start before the end of the year.

the Finch West LRT Maintenance and Storage Facility under construction

The maintenance and storage facility is just one part of a bigger rapid transit project that will bring 11-kilometres of rapid transit to Finch Avenue West. (Metrolinx photo)

Maintenance and storage facility at a glance

  • Located at 50 York Gate Boulevard, on the north west side of Finch Avenue West, west of Jane Street
  • A 10,000 sq. metre facility with capacity for 26 LRVs
  • Includes a main shop, car wash facility, material storage building, administration office and 122 parking spots
  • Tracks running in both directions for LRV access (eastbound and westbound)
  • Being designed and constructed to meet LEED Silver Certification and will have a green roof

Humber College construction

On the western edge of the transit route, there is also construction work going on at the Humber College’s north campus.  In order to build a new access road, an old fire fighter training shed on Humber’s parking lot 5 is being demolished.

the old fire fighter training building being demolished

The contractor is recycling a majority of the material from the demolition including the metal and concrete. (Metrolinx photo)

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by Scott Money Metrolinx editorial content manager