FWLRT Humber College Station

Finch West LRT’s Humber College Station reaches structural completion

Crews at Humber College Station are turning their focus to the interior.

Feb 17, 2023

After excavating to depths of up to 12 metres for Humber College Station, crews poured 20,000 cubic meters of concrete, installed 650,000 kilograms of steel and completed masonry work to form the skeleton of the Finch West LRT’s western terminus.

Various teams are now stationed throughout the station box and the north & south entrance buildings, tackling tasks like mechanical, electrical, and plumbing installation.

FWLRT Humber College Station

At the north entrance, tarps have been installed to insulate the unfinished building.

At the south entrance, crews are busy installing wall tiling in the washrooms and public areas.

The façade of the building is also progressing, with aluminum cladding and the glass curtain wall ready for installation.

FWLRT Humber College Station

Outside the station’s structures, the foundation for the 200-metre canopy is now being poured where a walkway will stretch from the station to Humber College campus.

by Alex Iantorno Metrolinx communications Senior Advisor