Finch West LRT construction

Finch West Station reaches structural completion

With the station’s structure finished, teams are moving into the next phase of construction.

Jan 26, 2023

At the intersection of Finch Avenue West and Keele Street, a new structure has risen from the ground - the new LRT portion of Finch West Station.

With all steel and concrete work completed in late 2022, the team is now transforming the inside of the new station structure.

This includes the precision lifts of four escalators measuring 35 metres each.

Elsewhere, masonry and utility installation are underway.

Finch West LRT construction

The mechanical systems that will enable all station operations are currently under construction, with HVAC, ventilation, electrical, and plumbing work happening throughout, including on the station platform.

Finch West LRT construction

Breaking through the wall to create the portal between the Finch West LRT station and the Finch West TTC station. (Metrolinx video)

Moving into 2023, mechanical work will continue, and finishing works like the installation of tiling, glass, and wayfinding will soon begin. Over 1000 square metres of glass panelling will be in place upon station completion.

Residents can find regular updates on Finch West LRT by following the project’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds.

by Alex Iantorno Metrolinx communications Senior Advisor