Bringing art and vibrancy for customers at Weston GO

Large mural being created in the parking lot next to the Weston GO and UP Express station.

Jun 28, 2018

Of all the communities where the work of Metrolinx is being felt the most, Weston has seen and heard much of it to this point. It’s also the neighbourhood that is bound to notice a significant change for the better as a result.

An example of that is a large mural being created in the parking lot next to the Weston GO and UP Express station. The art installation is the result of organizations coming together for the good of the community.

Artist Mahmood Popal designed the image using “rudimentary” pieces created by members of the community with paper and plastic.

“Crumpling it up and dipping it, pressing it, makes a mark.” he said. “It makes a pattern and if you start repeating those patterns you start to get an art piece.”

The piece offers a reflection of the community with vibrant colours and historical imagery, including the local library, on a wall standing 16-by-260 feet. It had been a large print fixed to the wall last year but people were tearing at the material.

“Now we’ve figured out a really good solution,” said Popal. “Paint it and have the graphic elements incorporated in it. Essentially, we’re redoing it but making it better.”

Originally commissioned through the City of Toronto’s StreetArt Program, Metrolinx collaborated on this mural. It’s all part of the organization’s ongoing effort to support public art installations as part of its transit projects.

“People coming out of the train have something interesting to look at,” said Popal. “It reflects the neighbourhood and how vibrant it can be.”

The refurbished art mural is expected to be complete in mid-July.