Cooksville GO Station pedestrian bridge installation complete

Bridge connects new parking garage to platform

Nov 6, 2018

It took four hours, a specially built crane, and a neat 90-degree turn, to take the redevelopment of the Cooksville GO Station to an important new milestone with the placement of a new pedestrian bridge.

The crane hoisted the brand new 110-metric tonne bridge, that was built fully on site, into position on Sat. Nov. 3. The bridge, made up of 56 glass panels, louvres, roofing, and soffits, will connect the new six-storey parking structure to the train platform.

Central to the new station design, the bridge is part of the bigger Cooksville GO Station redevelopment, which will make the station easier and more convenient to access once it’s complete by July 2020.

With a brand new station building, eight new bus bays, a new parking structure, and new surface parking, the station will serve as a transit hub in central Mississauga, connecting residents to GO transit (GO buses and GO trains on the Milton line), Mississauga transit, and the future Hurontario LRT.

Things to know:

  • The mobile crane used to install the bridge arrived on site the week of Oct. 29.
  • The crane was brought to the station in pieces in 14 tractor trailers and assembled on site. Assembled, its footprint is 20 by 20 metres.
  • The parking structure will add 800 parking spots for Cooksville passengers.
  • Construction at Cooksville GO station began November 2017 and is scheduled for completion by July 2020.

More information on the Cooksville GO Station improvements can be found here.