A customer wears a mask.

A look at travellers after a week of mandatory face coverings

After a week of wearing face coverings on UP and GO vehicles, we turn the focus on the customers.

Jul 28, 2020

Here’s looking at you – behind that face covering – kid.

It’s been a week since the use of non-medical masks became mandatory for customers on GO Transit and UP Express. Not that many riders needed much convincing, as most were using them even before they were required as of last Tuesday (July 21).

Now as essential as carrying a cell phone or wallet, face coverings have changed the look of everything from transit to shopping to going to the dentist. But while the thin barriers hide the better part of everyone’s face, we’ve noticed personality can still come through.

Perhaps it’s in the eyes.

a customer standing on stairs.

Customer Britney Kisamo. (Lorne Bridgman photo)

Or the fashion flair.

The undeniable swagger.

the father and son standing on a platform.

GO Transit customers Ronald Bellefeuille and Madison Bellefeuille wait on a platform. (Lorne Bridgman photo)

That closeness doesn’t stop while safety continues on.

A woman sits on a bench.

Tiffany Au waits for her ride.(Lorne Bridgman photo)

That bonds between people are still strong, even as we protect family and strangers on a train or bus.

That we carry on individuals.

The passanger stands with hands on his hips.

Upkar Singh stands near UP Express in downtown Toronto. (Lorne Bridgman photo)

And as a community.

That a pandemic can make us pause, but then begin to move again.

A passanger stands in the door of a train. (Lorne Bridgman photo)

S. Thiru, aboard a GO train. (Lorne Bridgman photo)

A passanger stands in the door of a train. (Lorne Bridgman photo)

Whatever it is, we wanted to capture some of it to mark the first historic week of being required to don a face covering on GO and UP vehicles. While some riders are not able to wear the non-medical masks due to pre-existing conditions – as well as children under two – this photo feature is intended to show those who do put on the extra layer aren’t so hidden.

So is that you – or a family member, co-worker or friend – smiling behind these needed screens?