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Metrolinx welcomes and encourages participation and open conversation on our social media channels (including, but not limited to, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and online story-sharing forums), and we look forward to reading your comments, stories, discussions and experiences related to our programs and services that you would like to share. By accessing, using and interacting with a Metrolinx social media channel you agree to be bound by this Code of Conduct, as amended from time to time.


We are committed to fostering and maintaining open and respectful discussions of our programs and services on our social media channels and we reserve the right to review, moderate, edit and/or remove content that violates these terms.

Be respectful of all other social media users, including Metrolinx, its management and employees.

Stay on topic, keep the conversation relevant to the community and contribute to the dialogue of the applicable social media channel.

As a user of a Metrolinx social media channel, you agree that you will not message, post, share or otherwise disseminate content that:

  • is abusive, threatening, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene or otherwise inappropriate and/or objectionable;
  • incites hatred, racism, discrimination or violence of any kind against any individual or group based on race, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation or any other protected ground in the Ontario Human Rights Code;
  • breaks the law or encourages others to do so;
  • contains personal or confidential data or information of any person (including, but not limited to card numbers, addresses or other contact information);
  • includes an image of any person, whether strangers, friends or family, without first obtaining that person’s consent;
  • impersonates or falsely claims to represent another individual or organization; or
  • is put forward for advertising or other promotional or solicitation purposes, including, but not limited to, commercial endorsements and unsolicited electronic messages (spam).

Comments, opinions and other content submitted by a user on a Metrolinx social media channel are those of their respective contributors only and do not represent or reflect the views and opinions of Metrolinx, its management or employees. Metrolinx is not responsible for, and disclaims any and all liability to the fullest extent permitted by law for the content submitted by users of the Metrolinx social media channels.

A user who repeatedly disregards these terms may be banned from further participation of the Metrolinx social media channels.


A Metrolinx social media channel may display links to other websites. Metrolinx is not responsible for the information found through these links, nor does it endorse or approve the sites and their content. You access and use these websites at your own risk.


Metrolinx may elect, in its discretion, to interact (including, but not limited to, by way of “following”, “liking”, “re-tweeting” or “subscribing”) with a user. Any form of recognition, communication or engagement by Metrolinx with a user through a social media channel does not imply an endorsement or approval of any kind by Metrolinx.

When you submit or post content to a Metrolinx social media channel, you are providing us with a non-exclusive, irrevocable right to reproduce your posts (including any images, sound recordings or other content you supply with that post), together with your name and profile picture (if applicable) for attribution purposes, in any medium, anywhere in the world, for our own business purposes, including for advertising and promotional purposes. In conjunction with this authorization, you represent that to the best of your knowledge you own or have the permission and authority to make such posts and grant the above rights to us. You must never post any content that violates anyone else’s rights, including privacy, publicity, intellectual property or other proprietary rights.


Metrolinx recognizes that social media channels allow for 24/7 communication, and your interactions are welcome at any time. We may only read and respond to comments, messages and content posted by users during our business hours.

Social media channels may periodically be unavailable. Metrolinx is not responsible for a lack of service due to a social media channel being down.


Use of any Metrolinx social media channel is at your own risk. The Metrolinx social media channels and all of their content are provided strictly on an “as is” basis. We do not make, and expressly disclaim, any warranty, representation, guarantee or covenant of any kind, whether expressed, implied, statutory or otherwise. Metrolinx will not under any circumstances be liable for any damages arising from, connected with, or relating to a Metrolinx social media channel.


This Code of Conduct, the use of a Metrolinx social media channel and all related matters shall be governed and interpreted solely by the laws of the Province of Ontario.

Last Modified: March 4, 2019