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The Big Move

The Big Move cover

The Big Move is a bold and visionary plan that outlines a common vision for transportation for one of the largest and fastest-growing urban regions in North America. The plan introduces a new way of moving around the region.

Effective transit and transportation solutions can bolster our global competitiveness, protect our environment, and improve our quality of life. Expanding transportation can help create thousands of new green and well-paid jobs, and save billions of dollars in time, energy and other efficiencies.

The Premier of Ontario and the Minister of Transportation committed $11.5 billion to begin the implementation of The Big Move and to get shovels in the ground on key transit projects.

The Big Move, adopted in 2008 by the Metrolinx Board, was developed through intensive public consultation and collaboration with key stakeholders, municipal leaders and professionals throughout the region.

Metrolinx is now working collaboratively across the region to deliver The Big Move.

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Updates to The Big Move

On February 14, 2013 the Metrolinx Board of Directors approved changes to The Big Move that reflect current priorities and the longer term transportation goals and objectives of the GTHA.

As required under the Metrolinx Act, Metrolinx is conducting a full review of the regional transportation plan. The review will be complete by mid-2016, with an updated RTP to follow.

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The Big Move Baseline Monitoring Report

The Big Move Baseline Monitoring Report is a snapshot of the work underway to implement the 25-year plan and provides a framework for its long-term assessment. Developed over two years, with extensive stakeholder consultation, The Baseline Monitoring Report is a technical supporting document that:

  • Reviews status of the 92 Priority Actions and Supporting Policies of The Big Move being implemented by Metrolinx and other partners and stakeholders
  • Establishes a 2008 baseline of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for monitoring the goals of The Big Move
  • Highlights progress in expanding the regional rapid transit network
  • Demonstrates the principle of transparency and public accountability as set out in the Investment Strategy

This document will be used by Metrolinx, municipalities, local transit operators, and other stakeholders to:

  • Inform regular public progress reporting
  • Monitor ongoing alignment of policy and project delivery with The Big Move goals
  • Inform public decision-making

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