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GO Rail Stations and Light Rail Transit Stations

Expansion to the GO transit network will dramatically change the way we move across the Greater Golden Horseshoe. Our focus is on improving the customer experience, by moving forward with two-way, all-day service every 15 minutes on core segments of the GO transit rail network and improvements to GO bus services that will strengthen connections to destinations not served by rail.

Today, there are nearly 70 million annual GO customers. That number will rise to nearly 200 million by 2055 with better, faster GO service across the region. This unprecedented growth is the catalyst for new stations and the modernization of existing stations.

Metrolinx is creating partnerships to deliver new transit stations and existing station refurbishments through Transit Oriented Communities (TOC). Metrolinx will partner with third-party developers, who will fund the design and construction of GO station infrastructure. The rigorous requirements that back all Metrolinx infrastructure projects will be met for service, design and construction.

The TOC program provides third parties with the opportunities to invest in the GO network by delivering new or improved transit infrastructure that adds value to communities. These opportunities may include new or existing GO station improvements delivered and funded by third parties, strategic dispositions to enable development close to transit, and joint development opportunities. Provincial requirements for service, design and safe construction will still need to be met.

Existing GO Transit Rail Stations

Today, there are 68 GO transit stations on seven corridors across the Greater Golden Horseshoe, with more than 1,200 acres of non-corridor lands. Metrolinx continuously investigates opportunities for third-party investment at and around existing station locations. These opportunities include market driven projects, joint development projects, entrance connections and disposition of agency-owned properties. Opportunities are based on property requirements, station plans, and parking and station access needs as per the Metrolinx Station Access Plan.

See how TOC is already working at the existing Mimico GO station.

As a provincial delivery agency under the Ministry of Transportation (MTO), all GO Station transactions involving Metrolinx property is regulated by requirements set out in Ontario’s Realty Directive. The Directive outlines the processes and procedures for the disposition of Metrolinx property in order to ensure a transparent and accountable practice.

For all TOC opportunities at existing GO stations, all development adjacent to GO Rail Corridors must comply with the Adjacent Development Guidelines requirements.

Metrolinx welcomes proposals for TOC partnerships at existing GO stations for joint or adjacent development and connections, which will be considered on a case-by-case basis within the context of each station location.

For more information about the process and how to partner with us to build an entrance connection or modernize an existing GO transit station, please contact Metrolinx.

New GO Transit Stations

Metrolinx is delivering new GO transit stations that bring transit to the doorstep of where our customers live, work and play.

Strong evidence-based decision making is what drives the selection and effective delivery of new GO stations, demonstrated through a rigorous business case process. More than a dozen new station sites have already undergone a business case analysis in support of the GO Expansion program. Those documents are available on the Business Case webpage.

Metrolinx welcomes proposals for market driven, third-party funded TOC partnerships for new GO Transit stations. New transit stations and other significant transit infrastructure projects will follow a business case process and must demonstrate benefits to the network. The process begins with a pre-consultation meeting followed by a new station assessment to determine the viability and the station’s fit within the existing network.

For more information about the process and how to partner with us to build a new GO Transit station, please contact Metrolinx.

Light Rail Transit Stations

Metrolinx is working through the Rapid Transit Program to deliver three new Light Rail Transit (LRT) lines that will significantly expand transit opportunities throughout the region using TOC:

TOC opportunities for the new LRT lines may include direct entrance connections to new transit stations/stops, delivered and funded by third parties, similar to Toronto’s PATH system. They may also include strategic dispositions to enable development close to transit and station overbuild and integration opportunities.

For more information about the process and how to partner with us to deliver a new LRT station, please contact Metrolinx.