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Ontario Line

A new 15.6-km subway line in Toronto that will run from Exhibition Place, through downtown, all the way to the Ontario Science Centre.

Explore each of the environmental assessment components and read about how we plan to address impacts below.

Potential effects and mitigation measures

Potential effects


  • Disturbance or displacement of wildlife.
  • Removal of/damage to trees, terrestrial vegetation and wildlife habitat.
  • Potential impacts to aquatic/riparian vegetation.
  • Potential erosion and sedimentation.


  • Maintenance activities may result in disturbance/loss of vegetation and habitat.

Mitigation measures


  • Sensitive-wildlife timing restrictions for construction activities (e.g., removal of vegetation outside of the breeding bird season).
  • Wildlife exclusion measures will be implemented as required to avoid destruction, injury or interference with wildlife species and their habitat.
  • Tree/vegetation removals will be kept to a minimum and limited to within the construction footprint.
  • Temporarily disturbed areas will be restored/re-vegetated using non-invasive, preferably native plantings and/or seed mixes.
  • Construction activities will maintain buffers established during the design phase to minimize potential impacts to wetlands and waterbodies.
  • Erosion and sediment control measures will be implemented.


  • Vegetation removal and habitat disturbance will be kept to a minimum and limited to within the Metrolinx right-of-way.

Read more - Appendix B1 – Natural Environment Report

Land Acknowledgement

Metrolinx acknowledges that it operates on the traditional territory of Indigenous Peoples including the Anishnabeg, the Haudenosaunee and the Wendat peoples. In particular these lands are covered by 20 Treaties, and we have a responsibility to recognize and value the rights of Indigenous Nations and Peoples and conduct business in a manner that is built on the foundation of trust, respect and collaboration. Metrolinx is committed to building meaningful relationships with Indigenous Peoples, and to working towards meaningful reconciliation with the original caretakers of this land.