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Lakeshore East Line GO Expansion

Corridor Improvements

These improvements on the Lakeshore East Line are part of the GO Expansion program, which will bring quieter, faster and more efficient service. Upgrades to the corridor will make it possible for customers to take the GO train without checking schedules, knowing the next one is on its way.

Grade separations

Eliminating level crossings (where train tracks cross roads) will make the network better, faster and the region easier to travel in. There are two options when building a grade separation, tracks can either go under or over the road. By separating the road from the rails, vehicles can pass under (or over) a railway, without having to stop and wait for trains.

Maintenance and storage facilities

When the trains aren’t busy moving people around the Greater Golden Horseshoe area, maintenance and storage facilities provide the space required for mechanical maintenance, body repair, storage between peak periods, as well as day-to-day cleaning and operational services. In 2018, the Whitby Rail Maintenance Facility, a 500,000 square foot facility was built to help achieve GO Transit’s planned service expansions.

Train layover facilities

With GO Expansion, 42 per cent more space will be required to deliver increased service across the GTHA. Additional capacity is required throughout the network including the Don Valley layover and the Midland Layover. Layovers allow Metrolinx to stage trains across the system, to be available when and where they are needed for customers and reduce unnecessary trips with empty trains that cause traffic on the rail lines.

Adding track

To increase service on the Lakeshore East Line, a fourth track will be added between the Don Valley and Kennedy Road. GO Expansion will offer more frequent service during middays, evenings, and weekends – giving customers more flexibility to schedule what is most important and everything else in between.

Infrastructure required between Pape Avenue and Kennedy Road includes:

  • A new fourth track
  • Grading, retaining walls and culvert extensions to accommodate the fourth track
  • Danforth Avenue, Warden Avenue and Woodbine Avenue bridge expansions to accommodate the fourth track

Infrastructure from approximately Galloway Road to just east of Rouge Hill GO Station includes:

  • Construction of a new road-under-rail grade separation at Morningside Avenue, including road and track diversions and utility relocations.
  • Construction of new grading and drainage for a future third track between Galloway Road and Beechgrove Road.
  • Expansion of Highland Creek Bridge (2 spans: new north span and new south span)
  • Construction of new grading and drainage for a future third track between Beechgrove Road and east of Rouge Hill GO Station.
  • Replacement of Chesterton Shores manhole.


How do we take a rush hour commuter service to the next level? It’s about more than just the number of trips. Using electric trains between Union Station and Oshawa GO will allow faster trains to transport you and will offer all-day trips, going two ways, every 15 minutes or better. 

Electrifying GO rail corridors is a multi-year project and we are committed to working with residents across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area throughout the process.

Community documents

Community documents

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