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Dundas BRT Mississauga East map

A detailed map outlining the route and highlighting the Erindale Valley pinch point and Cooksvill...

Dundas BRT Mississauga East preliminary design

Mississauga East – Etobicoke Creek to Confederation Parkway

The preliminary design process bridges the gap between the design concept and detailed design of a project. This includes:

  • List of infrastructure alternatives.
  • Evaluation and identification of the best performing preliminary design alternatives.
  • Progression of concept designs for typical median and curbside stops, including amenities.
  • Identification of stop locations.

The BRT Corridor outside of the constrained area, or pinch point, between Jaguar Valley Drive and Confederation Parkway was developed to a 10% Preliminary Design level., Development was based on designs presented in the Dundas Connects Master Plan, the Initial Business Case, feedback gathered from the public and stakeholders and additional technical studies undertaken by the Project Team.

Design outcomes are:

  • Right-of-way (ROW) widening up to 42m (from existing ROW of approximately 22 - 40m in the Cooksville pinch point, and approximately 36 - 40m outside of the pinch point), requiring property acquisition with potential impacts to landscaping, entrances and parking, and buildings and structures.
  • Corridor alignment optimized to minimize impacts to built and natural heritage features, as well as non-heritage properties.
  • Corridor design optimized to minimize impacts to existing utilities, most notably overhead hydro.
  • Dedicated median BRT lanes to improve transit speed and reliability.
  • Elimination of High Occupancy Vehicle Lane and maintenance of two general purpose traffic lanes in each direction, with minimum widths (i.e., 3.35m through lanes) applied to eliminate or minimize property impacts.
  • Enhanced active transportation, including dedicated protected cycling facilities.
  • Enhanced public realm, where possible, with widened sidewalks, furniture (e.g., benches) and tree planting zones. Reductions in localized areas to eliminate or minimize property impacts, including a reduction in the furniture/pole zone (0.6m minimum) and sidewalks (1.5m minimum).
  • Existing bridge and culvert replacements.
  • Platform stop locations and geometry, including enhanced passenger protection with platform widths up to 4.2m where feasible.