Dundas Bus

Dundas BRT

Environmental Project Report update

The Environmental Project Report (EPR) was available for a 30-day review period from February 23, 2022 to March 25, 2022. On April 27, 2022, the Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks issued a Notice to Proceed with the municipal transit project in accordance with Ontario Regulation 231/08. As the final step of the Transit Project Assessment Process (TPAP), Metrolinx and the City of Mississauga have issued a Statement of Completion in accordance with Ontario Regulation 231/08. We have also made available, online, our revised Environmental Project Report (EPR), EPR Errata, and revised Stage 1 Archaeological Assessment.

The Dundas BRT would:

  • Service

    Faster, more reliable, more frequent transit service along Dundas Street

  • Retain & attract

    Help retain and attract residents, tourists and businesses along the corridor

  • Pollution

    Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

  • Time savings

    Shorter commutes, leading to increased productivity, with an average travel-time savings of ~14 minutes

  • Development

    Unlock economic and regional development along the corridor with 230,000 jobs within a 2 km radius

  • Ridership

    Attract new ridership (~31,000 new riders per day)

  • Connectivity

    Improve connectivity by connecting to other transit services operating along Dundas Street corridor

  • Quality of life

    Improve quality of life by allowing 660,000 people living within a 2 km radius to go where they want to go

  • Key destinations

    Provide key connections to Kipling Transit Hub and Etobicoke and Mississauga City Centres, plus access to key destinations along Dundas Street*

*Key destinations along Dundas Street such as:

  • Residential and commerical areas;
  • Educational institutions;
  • Places of worship;
  • Medical institutions;
  • Parks and outdoor recreation; and
  • Dining, entertainment and shopping destinations

The studies

The study is structured into the following four areas along Dundas, three Transit Project Assessment Processes (TPAPs) for Toronto, Mississauga East and Mississauga West, and one Preliminary Design Business Case (PDBC).

  • Toronto – Kipling Transit Hub to Etobicoke Creek
  • Mississauga East – Etobicoke Creek to Confederation Parkway
  • Mississauga West – Confederation Parkway to Ninth Line
  • Halton and Hamilton – Ninth Line to Highway 6 (no TPAP anticipated)
map of the Dundas BRT study corridor
Dundas BRT pinch points

Pinch points have been identified along the proposed Dundas BRT alignment.