Bloor UP TTC Connection

Tunnel construction begins at Bloor and Dundas

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  • Tunnel construction begins at Bloor and Dundas


Construction crews are now at work delivering on the promise of a faster and easier connection between Bloor GO/UP Station and Dundas West TTC Station.  

The contract for construction to build the pedestrian tunnel was awarded late last year and the team is now hard at work. 

Once complete, the Bloor-TTC connection will provide a safe and customer-friendly connection between GO Transit, UP Express and TTC services (subway, streetcar, and bus). 

The link will reduce the distance between the two stations from 500 to 270 metres. It will shorten a walk that can take up to 8 minutes, depending on weather and traffic, to a short 2 minutes in a tunnel, below street level.  

Bloor UP TTC Connection

Rendering of new stair and elevator access to existing TTC platform. (Metrolinx image)

This will make it easier and safer for users with mobility challenges or baggage in hand – whether it’s a laptop for work, groceries picked-up on the way home, or luggage for a trip through Pearson Airport.  

Currently, about 600 transfers per day are made between Dundas West TTC Station, and Bloor GO Station – a number that is sure to grow in the future. 

Bloor UP TTC Connection

Rendering of stair and elevator access leading down to new concourse level. (Metrolinx image)

Improving transit across the region 

This is one example of how Metrolinx is investing to build and plan more transit across the region to help make it the best choice for you to get to the people, places and experiences that matter most to you.  

Transit that’s affordable, sustainable, and safe to support the region’s growth, helping reduce congestion and shorten commutes. 

GO Train traveling on Davenport Diamond elevated guideway

Metrolinx is committed to expanding the transit network to connect communities in a safe, sustainable way. (Metrolinx photo)

Metrolinx has over 40 different transit projects currently underway across 16 municipalities, and much more to come.  

The GO Expansion program a key piece of the massive coordinated regional plan worth more than $80 billion over the next 20 years that will dramatically improve travel everywhere from Niagara, to Oshawa, north to Barrie and west to Kitchener.  

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