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PRESTO card in Google Wallet is here – giving more ways to pay

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  • PRESTO card in Google Wallet is here – giving more ways to pay


New payment option brings more convenience to customers.

Metrolinx continues to make it more convenient to travel on transit in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area by offering you more ways to pay your fare.

Starting today (Nov. 14), this includes a brand-new option: PRESTO in Google Wallet - a digital version of your PRESTO card that can be used on an Android smartphone or Wear OS smartwatch.

Once you’ve saved your PRESTO in Google Wallet, you can tap on a PRESTO device to pay your fare on GO Transit, UP Express, Brampton Transit, Burlington Transit, Durham Region Transit, Hamilton Street Railway, MiWay, Oakville Transit, TTC and York Region Transit.

Is PRESTO in Google Wallet right for you?

PRESTO in Google Wallet offers customers new features, including: 

Fare convenience. Pay your transit fare with a PRESTO card on your Android smartphone or Wear OS smartwatch.

Instant changes. Use the PRESTO App to make changes instantly, including loading funds to your PRESTO in Google Wallet from anywhere.

Fare discounts. When you convert your physical PRESTO card to PRESTO in Google Wallet, your fare type goes with you. This includes fare discounts for youth, post-secondary students and seniors.

Multiple fare types. Set multiple fare types if you qualify for more than one discount (for example you could have a universal senior discount and also a transit-agency specific discount).

Transaction history. Access to three months of your transaction history in the PRESTO App.

And with the Google Wallet, the PRESTO card costs $0 instead of $4 for the physical card.

PRESTO Google Mobile Wallet

You may decide PRESTO in Google Wallet is right for you.

Here are some key points to consider before converting your physical PRESTO card:

  • If you convert to PRESTO in Google Wallet, your physical PRESTO card will be cancelled and will no longer be available for use. This is a transit industry standard practice helping to simplify the customer journey and prevent fraud.
  • While you can have multiple cards in your PRESTO account, each device is limited to one active PRESTO card in Google Wallet at a time.
  • You can manage PRESTO in Google Wallet using the PRESTO App and Google Wallet, but not the PRESTO website.
  • You’ll be unable to download a Transit Usage Report for your records and tax purposes.
  • PRESTO in Google Wallet is not available as a fare payment option on OC Transpo.
Say Hello to PRESTO in Google Wallet

Making transit fare payments more convenient

Earlier this year, Metrolinx expanded the option to  tap credit and debit cards, including those cards on your smartphone and smartwatch, to pay the adult fare on all PRESTO participating transit agencies throughout the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, including the TTC.

Combined with the new PRESTO in Google Wallet option, the transit agency is transforming the way people pay for transit fares.

Metrolinx is working to add support for other mobile wallet platforms in the future.

How do you get PRESTO in Google Wallet?

You can get a free digital PRESTO card in Google Wallet or in the PRESTO App.

Registering your PRESTO card is key. A PRESTO card obtained through Google Wallet will be anonymous by default but can be registered at any time once you have a PRESTO account.

Once registered, you can add your PRESTO card to your PRESTO account, allowing you to recover your card if your smartphone or smartwatch is lost or stolen.

If you are a GO Transit or UP Express customer, make sure to convert your physical PRESTO card to PRESTO in Google Wallet before or after your trip, not during, to avoid any fare payment issues. For details, please visit the PRESTO card website.

Releasing this new payment option today (Nov. 14) is just one more example of how Metrolinx is working collaboratively to make transit more convenient than ever. Stay tuned for information on the One-Fare Program.

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