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Ontario’s One Fare Program hits 5 million transfers

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  • Ontario’s One Fare Program hits 5 million transfers


One Fare Program is making transit more affordable and convenient.

April 23 – One of the region’s newest transit initiatives has hit a major milestone, less than two months after its launch.  

As of April 19, transit customers have made over five million transfers between TTC and participating transit systems through Ontario’s One Fare Program.  

The program first launched to customers on Feb. 26, 2024.  

Through One Fare, riders only pay once when travelling between TTC and GO Transit, Brampton Transit, Durham Region Transit, MiWay and York Region Transit. 

Adults commuting five days a week can save up to $1,600 a year thanks to Ontario’s One Fare program.  

PRESTO is officially your passport to the region 

Here’s a refresher on how Ontario’s One Fare Program works. 

  • Tap onto a participating transit agency with a PRESTO card, credit or debit, or PRESTO in Google Wallet.  

  • PRESTO automatically calculates a 100 per cent discount and applies it to your PRESTO card or payment with a credit or debit card.  

  • Transfers are valid for two hours if you start your trip on local transit and within three hours of the start of your GO trip.  

  • For TTC-GO trips, the TTC component of the trip will be free, regardless of travel direction.  

  • For TTC-905 trips, the second portion of the trip will be free. 

If you’re connecting to GO Transit from a local transit system, remember to tap off when you arrive at your destination. 

PRESTO open payment

One Fare celebrates its 5 millionth tap. (Metrolinx photo)

More affordable transit makes it easy to leave your car at home when going to work, school, a sporting event, concert, or visiting family and friends. 

That’s why the province, Metrolinx and local transit partners are working together to connect communities across the region.  

Learn more about Ontario’s One Fare Program.  

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